With 2020 fast approaching there is no better time to start making those New Year’s resolutions and South Sea Horizons has just the challenge to add to that list.

The Kokoda Trail has been a place of pilgrimage for Australians, and others, for many decades. It is a place of ANZAC reverence and of personal challenge.

South Sea Horizons has been leading groups along the Kokoda Track since 2008 with an exceptional trek completion rate of 99%. In 2020, travellers can not only experience the Kokoda Trail, but can enjoy $200 off selected tour dates.  

The Kokoda track is one of the many walking tracks in Papua New Guinea that existed long before the Europeans discovered this part of the world. It was used for trade and cultural interaction between tribes and is still used for these purposes to this day. During the course of World War II, the Japanese decided to use this trail as means of ground attack against the Australians in Port Moresby. The idea was to take Port Moresby and use it as a base from which to stage a direct assault on Australia.

One end of the track lies in the north of the country at a village called Kokoda. It winds up and down over the rugged Owen Stanley ranges and finishes in the south at Ower’s Corner nearby Port Moresby. Both Kokoda and the Northern coastal plains were the scene of violent close contact jungle warfare as the Australians retreated in the face of the Japanese onslaught. The Japanese were finally stopped at Imita Gap as they had extended their supply lines too far in the rugged terrain and began to die of starvation. The Australians then chased them all the way back to the northern coastline.

Today the remains of the war lie strewn in the jungle and the track has reverted to quiet solitude, disturbed only by occasional trekking group. There are several villages along its length inhabited by peace-loving, hospitable locals. These are the descendants of the people who became known during the war as the ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels’ because of their selflessness in helping wounded Australian soldiers.

Papua New Guinea owned and operated, South Sea Horizons practise responsible-tourism that gives back to the communities they interact with. They only employ local Papua New Guineans as porters, historians and cooks. The local porters used while trekking include direct descendants of the last remaining ‘Fuzzy-Wuzzy-Angels’.

Embark on a South Sea Horizons Kokoda Expedition 2020.

Packages are on sale from now until February 28th 2020 or until sold out, for the following departures

  1. 24th April 2020 – Kokoda – Owers Corner
  2. 6th June 2020 – Kokoda to Owers Corner
  3. 6th July 2020 – Kokoda – Owers Corner

To book, phone +61 432 744 490 or email tours@southseahorizons.com. To find out more, visit www.southseahorizons.com/.

About South Sea Horizons

South Sea Horizons is proudly Papua New Guinean owned and operated. Since 2007, South Sea Horizons have specialised in life-changing experiences along the Kokoda Track as well as exhilarating itineraries in Rabaul and Goroka. Our commitment is to low-impact tourism that gives-back to the communities we interact with. For more, visit www.southseahorizons.com/.