When you book Captured Travel Media and pay your deposit, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined here. It’s your responsibility to ensure you are able to meet these terms prior to work commencing.

Terms and Conditions 

Thanks for taking the time to read Captured Travel Media’s terms and conditions. We’re about to embark on a business journey together that involves trust and clear communication.

PLEASE NOTE: By indicating you want to work with me, you are also stating that you have taken the time to read and agree to the terms and conditions of our working arrangement. Please make sure you do!

  1. Briefing Process
  • All clients (that’s you) that book Captured Travel Media (that’s me) go through a briefing process. This involves discussing your project needs. I will ask you the particulars of your project and any clarifying questions I need.
  • You understand that my job is to market and/or write for your project. You as the project owner are required to have an understanding of what your project entails prior to engagement. My role as your marketer and/or copywriter is to distil your business story into a marketable format. Therefore, your idea needs to be in production and moving towards development in order to qualify for marketing services.
  1. Quotations and Proposals
  • Quotations are based on the scope of the work given at the time of our initial contact. This quote outlines the elements within that proposal and cost. Your quotation is valid for 7 days from the date noted on the proposal.
  • Your quotation includes revisions and re-writes. As this varies based on the scope of the project, how many rounds of revision you are entitled to will be noted within the proposal. The standard offering is 2 revisions per quotation for websites. Additional revisions will be charged at $70 + GST per hour.
  • Once the quote is approved, you will then receive a Contract of Terms to sign and return.
  1. Payment
  • I will supply you an invoice together with appropriate payment details for your project prior to work commencing. For projects over $700, a non-refundable deposit of 50% is payable prior to work commencing, with the remainder due on the agreed date. For projects of $700 or less, the entire sum needs to be paid on the agreed date.
  • The balance of your invoice is due within 7 days of invoice date. By accepting my terms and conditions and engaging my services, you accept responsibility for any invoice that remains unpaid for more than 8 days. This responsibility includes paying 10% interest on your overdue account from the 8th day through to the 20th day. For accounts more than 21 days in arrears, a 20% invoice late fee will be charged and debt collectors will be engaged. You will be responsible for paying for the debt collectors, too.
  • If Captured Travel Media engages in work with sub-contractors, then they are to invoice the company upon completion of the work. The terms of this payment to sub-contractors is 14 days after ALL deliverables are met and to the standard of the contract.
  1. Copyright and Intellectual Property
  • Until you pay your invoices for work completed, the copyright and IP remains with me. This is to protect me from you skipping the final invoice and using my work without paid permission. Once you pay the bill, the work I have given is yours. I promise not to share your business intelligence, marketing ideas, keywords or anything prepared and discussed with a competitor.
  • I do engage in cross promotion and will openly share your business and/or product with my audience via sharing on my website and helping you reach eyeballs by leveraging my following. However, if you need a quieter approach (such as in a ghost-writing situation) or you prefer NDA’s to be in place, just say the word and I won’t share a thing.
  • You are responsible for securing your trademarks, IP and making sure you aren’t copying someone else’s idea accidently or intentionally. If you’ve stolen someone else’s idea and that leads to major problems, I cannot be held responsible for this. Your business registration and not infringing on someone else’s lawful property is your responsibility.
  • If someone does try to sue you due to breaches of IP or associated problems, you agree to indemnify me from all legal fees, claims, costs and expenses. I in turn promise not to do anything intentionally that could be considered campaign theft or repurposing.
  • Once you receive your assets from me, you can edit it, change it and even slice it into small tiny pieces if you wish. However, you also accept that changes to my work will remove my responsibility to them.

Entire Agreement

These terms and conditions form the basis of our working relationship moving forward. These terms and conditions supersede any assumptions and/or verbal conversations. Additional terms and conditions and/or agreed modifications will be supplied to you as part of your proposal. Any waiver of breach of specific conditions cannot be construed as a waiver and/or breach of the entire agreement or non-related clauses. These terms and conditions are governed by Australian law and you agree and submit to exclusive jurisdiction in the Australian courts. Any disputes will be held within the Queensland courts. You agree through payment of monies (deposit or otherwise) and verbal agreement of a working relationship that we will abide this agreement at all times.