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About Us

Captured Travel Media was founded by Kate Webster, a travel journalist and editor with more than 16 years’ experience in the travel industry.

As more people travel, our media grows stronger and stronger every day. Captured Travel Media is unique in today's advertising environment, not only because of the increasing consumer numbers, but because we have a deep understanding and knowledge of who is travelling, as well as where and when.

Our media is always positive, aspirational and inspiring.

We have assembled a talented group of media professionals– journalists, travel bloggers, photographers, videographers, web designers, marketers and social media experts– with extensive experience in both the print and digital media realms.

Unlike copywriters at traditional agencies, our hand-picked creative talents are true Travel Experts. Their specialized niches range from adventure travel and culinary travel to cultural travel, family travel and more. Most have journalism backgrounds and active freelance outlets in addition to their influential blogs. All of them have engaged followers, extensive knowledge of social media and SEO, and an ability to use storytelling to inspire readers.