In an effort to help alleviate hunger in across the local South African communities, a group of friends and nature guides have collaborated to bring you an amazing collection of wildlife photographs, through Photos For Food initiative. 

The economic and social impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has hit South Africa’s rural communities hard. When tourist would once flock to the lodges of South Africa for wildlife safaris, employing staff that would help support these communities, the lockdown on the country has left many people jobless and without income.

The Photos For Food initiative sees 50 percent of all purchases contributing to food parcels put together and distributed by Nourish. By purchasing one digital wildlife image, you will be feeding a family of four for an entire week.

Nourish is a not-for-profit organisation registered with the Department of Social Development in South Africa. They are based and focused on the rural villages and communities in Mpumalanga, one of the most poverty stricken and under-served areas. 

Founder of Photos For Food and safari guide, Jonty Bozas, said, “we decided to do our part in helping the humanitarian efforts in fighting hunger, by donating some of our best wildlife photographs.”

“During this time we have all been cast into a world that we are not certain how we are going to survive, and I could not help but think about the families that are in our local communities that do not have any income or any savings to get them through this time.”

Joining Jonty in donating wildlife photographs Ricci Bozas, Gareth Poole (Guide at Singita), Matthew Poole (MD at Safari Wines), Matthew Murray (Director at Completely Unique Safaris), Theo York (former Guide at Mala Mala Game Reserve), Nick Kleer (Guide at Completely Unique Safaris), Andrew Dankwerts (Guide for Wild Eye) and Grant Pengilly and Michelle Campbell (Owners of Wild Wonderful World).

The photographs for sale are being added to regularly, offering more choices of sensational, stunning images that capture the beauty of South Africa’s wildlife. Since the launch of Photos For Food on 25th of April, the initiative has been able to send over USD$1900 to Nourish, that contributed to the food parcels they have been putting together.


  1. Choose one or multiple images from the online shop.
  2. Click “Add to cart” to purchase the image(s) in digital format.
  3. Follow the steps on the screen to check out.
  4. After completing checkout, you will receive a download link to your file(s) immediately.
  5. ​Photos For Food will take it from here! 
  6. 50% of your purchase will be donated immediately to Nourish, so they can proceed with buying all the items that will go into the food parcels.
  7. Photos For Food founder, Jonty Bozas, will be going to Nourish every Thursday to help put together the parcels and distribute them in the local communities.
  8. Enjoy your little piece of Africa and the feeling of becoming a hero for one (or multiple) families in need!!
  9. Photos For Food will update you through their social media channels about the families you helped support. Follow on Instagram or Facebook.


For reference, the other 50% goes towards the photographers who are now unemployed and have no way of making an income. For Gareth Poole, Matt Poole and Theo York, they donate their 50% back to nourish, Grant and Michelle put their 50% into an emergency wildlife conservation fund and Nick Kleer donates his 50% towards conservation projects.