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We have assembled a talented group of passionate media professionals.

Kate Webster

Editor | Travel Journalist

Kate Webster is the founder and owner of Captured Travel Media. She is a world traveller, ocean lover and conservation warrior who is determined to make every moment count for not only herself, but the world around her. An editor and travel journalist, Kate travels the globe in search of vivid imagery and compelling stories that capture the essence of the people and places she visits. She is a passionate conservation advocate, sustainable traveller and always travels with reason and cause.


Nikki Majewski

Travel Writer

Nikki Majewski is an Australian-born, Montreal-based writer, podcast host and Human Design reader. Among her various exploits, Nikki has documented the testimonies of ex-Khmer Rouge leaders, stood knee-deep in Cambodian flood waters capturing nature’s wrath and solo-trekked the Mongolian steppe on horseback. Connection, consciousness and sustainability are core to her life as a storyteller.


Maria Pandalai

Travel Writer

Maria was born into a Greek/Cypriot family, which was the catalyst for her love of travel. Marking her 24th year in the travel industry, Maria continues her journey around the world, one step at a time.  If Maria is not trying weird and wonderful food in a roadside stall, she is found having a riveting conversation with a local or immersing deep in the culture of the country she is exploring.


Kylie Mitchell-Smith

Travel Writer

With over 25 years experience in PR & Media, Kylie loves digging deeper and going underground for the story. Kylie has been travelling far and wide to unique destinations all over the world.


Hannah Edensor

Travel Writer

From the moment her mum pushed her onto a plane trip round the world, Hannah has had an insatiable appetite for travel. Whether it’s cycling round Cambodia, crammed onto a bus in Belize, or eating her way through Brazil, there’s few places she won’t go. In between adventures, Hannah bases herself in the regional wine town of Mudgee.